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Опыт: Большой опыт

Город: Москва, Россия

Телефон: +1-818-749-0549

Адрес: What's Up - +18187490549

Сайт: www.olesjamueller.com

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Olesja Mueller is a kids fashion photographer based in Los Angeles-NYC. Next Moscow-St.Petersburg dates are May 13-16, 2016. You can get in touch with us also via VK.com/omuellerfoto.

Her specialty is ad campaigns (True Religion, Isabella Couture, Who's Little, etc.), editorials and model portfolios. Regularly shoots for print publications (Hooligans, Dreamer, Babiekins, Big City Kids, Jini, Child Model Magazine) and top kids modeling agencies(NYMM, LA Models, ZURI, Wilhelmina, Osbrink, CESD, etc.).  Has worked with most of the top kid models in the world (Kristina Pimenova, Evelina Voznesenkaja, Gigi, Ivy, Kacey, etc.)

Recent testimonial from Jake Eddington (our current profile photo): "Yay Jake wound up booking an international campaign for H&M's Fall line. He should be up in all the stores. He shot for 9.5 hours today and has another call time tomorrow at 8am. He's on hold until the 17th. Then just got confirmation of a direct booking for Hurley on the 10th today.All with your pics. Jo's on hold for Lands End:-) you are AMAZING. Thanks SO much." - Heather (mom)

Olesja is originally from Riga and is fluent in Russian.

Please visit commercial and fashion site: www.olesjamueller.com

For private clients and agents' testimonials as well as to meet our team in Los Angeles: www.galleryrowstudio.com

Thank you for stopping by:)

From a recent editorial:

Olesja Mueller - Behind The scenes from Where Is Matilda on Vimeo.

Olesja Mueller - "Blue Dreams" from Joseph Adivari on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes on a celebrity shoot: 

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